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• 11/30/2017


Does anybody read or play tombquest cause i do
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• 11/27/2017

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Have fun!
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• 12/31/2014

Organized categories

We have a bunch of categories. That's good.
They are totally disorganized. That's bad.
We need to have a proper category tree. A category tree is where we have one "base" category, and all other categories are "descendants" of it. So, something like this (for example):

Category:Root (the base category)
Category:Content (all articles)
I really don't know this stuff
Category:Images (categorizing file uploads is also good)
Book Images
Monster Images
Again i have no idea
Category:Organization (this is important: all the other stuff about the wiki)
Main Page(s)
Category:Users (for userpages)
Awesome Users
This is important for making everything organized.
Also, there seem to currently be duplicate and unnecessary categories.
Are Help and Help desk the same?
Category:Book_of_the_Dead_Item seems useless.
Thoughts? Feel free to propose a good tree (or part of one) in your posts.
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• 12/31/2014

Let's get this wiki into shape

I was asked to be an admin here by Drachma, because of my wiki experience (see my profile -- 4 years). I've actually never started a successful wiki (or any wiki, for that matter), but have kept it going, including through some major changes.
So let's get started off well here, shall we?
I will be posting discussion threads about the following topics:

Article Style
Wiki design and rules
Let's make this a good wiki!
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• 11/26/2014

39 Clues Fans

How many fans of The 39 Clues are here as well? Can't wait for DoubleCross, how about you?
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• 11/4/2014

Got a question?

Got a question? Ask here!
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