What the heck,” he thought. "You only live twice.

Alex, Book Of The Dead, page 89

Alex Sennefer
Character Information
Name(s) Alex Sennefer
Gender Male
Age 12
Family Maggie Bauer (mother)
Amir Sennefer (father)
Adele (aunt)
Gerry (uncle)
Luke Bauer (cousin)
Book Appearances Book of the Dead
Amulet Keepers
Valley of Kings
The Stone Warriors
The Final Kingdom
Alex Sennefer is the main protagonist of TombQuest.


Alex was revealed to have been diagnosed with an unknown disease, which would bring him sharp pains, or even make him pass out if he didn't take his pills. Alex was never able to run or play like other boys because of this disease. His best and only friend is named Ren, who he has known for a long time. Ren and Alex's parents both work at the museum. His mother, Maggie, works around the museum at different exhibitions.


Alex has black shaggy hair and brown eyes that are a mirror image of Ren's.[1] He is half-Egyptian because of his father (who is the leader of The Order) and may be German because of his grandmother. and he has a scar from an energy dagger from pashar

In the Books

Book Of The Dead

In the first book, Book of the Dead, Alex has problems with his disease, while also trying to figure out what the new exhibit at the museum is. His illness causes him to collapse at the museum, while slightly 'hallucinating.' Alex dies in the hospital later in the book, but his mother uses The Lost Spells to bring him back to life. All is well, until it is found out that she has released the Stung Man, a mummy who was originally a farmer/outlaw, and the Death Walkers, an evil group of Ancient Egyptians who are supposedly undead. Soon after, Alex's mother is kidnapped by the Death Walkers for her use of The Lost Spells. Alex, Ren and Dr. Todtman go on a quest to find Maggie, and defeat the evil Stung Man, who takes use of magic while they attack him. They defeat the Stung Man and the evil Al Dab'u, but Alex's mother is not found.


  • His name is pronounced sen-NEF-er. He was surprised that Dr. Todtman could pronounce it correctly on his first try.


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