Amulets give you special skills while raiding, such as Teleport, Shield, Heal, and Smite. Activating skils is done by pressing the hotkey indicated on the icon in the lower right of your screen while attacking, or clicking on the icon. You start with the default amulet and can unlock more amulets by unlocking books. You can choose what amulets and skills to equip via the "Change Amulets and Skills" button in the "Customize Your Tombkeeper" screen.


Icon Name Num. of uses Description
Teleport icon
Teleport 3 Teleport up to two cells toward the cursor
Shield Icon
Shield 3 Add 3 "Shield Hearts" at the end of the health bar at will. These hearts are consumed before normal hearts but cannot be healed
Heal Icon
Heal 1 Heals Player by 3 hearts
Smite Icon
Smite 3 A lightning bolt strikes from above, damaging the monster in that cell for huge damage


Icon Name Num. of Skills Attached Power Unlocked by
Default Amulet Icon
Default 1 None Default
Scarab Amulet Icon
Scarab 2 If you die in a tomb, you can restart it immediately without the usual 24-hour wait Unlocking Book 1
Ibis Amulet Icon
Ibis 3 Enables a map which reveals the layout of a tomb as you explore Unlocking book 2


  • Amulets were added in the Full Version of the game.
  • During Beta testing, there used to be a nonworking button in the "Customize your Tombkeeper" menu labeled, "Change Amulets and Masks". This might mean that masks may have been a planned feature in the full version of the game.