Bumbling Mummy
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Trap/Monster: Monster
Cost: 25 coins or 9 tokens
Activation Mode: Line of Sight (Not Changable)

Strikes to kill: 2
Attack Mod: None (Melee, Changable)
Damage: 1

The Bumbling Mummy is one of the monsters you can use in the TombQuest game to guard your tomb. It lies dormant in your tomb, until another adventurer crosses its path. When that happens, the mummy then starts to move slowly in whichever direction he is already facing. Should he come in contact with the adventurer, he will attack.

The Bumbling Mummy still exists after 4000 years. It takes two full swings of a weapon to bring it back into his grave.

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Today's monster is a horror the likes of which you have never seen! Stare in awe at his wrappings, at the size of his gnashing teeth! Gaze in shock at his bulbous, overgrown head! Close your eyes! Shriek in fear! Have you ever seen anything as horrifying as the Bumbling Mummy!?!?


What's that? You think he's "kind of cute?" What?! No, he's ancient horror of unimaginable terror.... He is vice and venom incarnate! He's..

...well actually, he is kind of cute isn't he? As far as mummies go, anyway.

The Bumbling Mummy is one of the monsters you can use to guard your tomb in the TombQuest game. The Mummy lies dormant in your tomb until another adventurer crosses in front of him. The mummy then starts to walk slowly in the direction he's facing. If he comes in contact with an adventurer, he will attack!

And he's tough. He's been around for 4000 years, he should be, right? It takes two full swings of a weapon to put the mummy back into his grave.


We suggest that you use the mummy in places like long corridors and hallways. Also, try lining up a few of them shoulder to shoulder. That'll make it hard for anyone to capture your treasure.

That's all for this week! Join us next Tuesday for another horrifying (or cute) monster on Meet the Monsters!

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  • Bumbling mummies, like other monsters, cannot walk onto pressure plates, treasures, or other traps.
  • Bumbling mummies keep moving until they hit a wall, trap, or player, although they can attack you and keep moving.

See it in Action


The Bumbling Mummy chasing an Avatar.