Tomb Spider
Trap/Monster: Monster
Cost: 35 coins, 12 tokens
Activation Mode: Line of Sight (Not Changable)

Strikes to kill: 2
Attack Mod: None (Melee, Changable)
Damage: 1

 'Charging' Spiders are a type of monster. If you walk into the same row or column of one, it will ready itself, charge toward you until it hits you, a wall, or a trap.

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Meet the Monsters!

Today's monster is one of nature's most horrifying aberrations, capable of sending other animals twenty - nay - thirty times its size shrieking in fear!

You know the feeling…you want to explore your attic or your basement for treasure. But what keeps you from doing it? What dangly, creepy-crawly, eight-legged monstrosity do you fear! Spiders!! Nature's horror story! Their poisonous bite, their spindly legs, their unpredictable jump!

Let me, brave listener, to introduce you to the most fearsome spider in all of the world! Behold….

The Tomb Spider!


Don't be taken in by its beautiful jeweled body! Don't be hypnotized by its gold frame! A wise man once said "The love of money is the root of all evil," and as you can see, the Tomb Spider will be especially dangerous to anyone who loves gold! Who loves gold?

Don't raise your hand! It was a rhetorical question! Adventurers love gold…and if you seek to be an adventurer, and quest into the tombs of ancient kings, then you will surely cross paths with the Tomb Spider.

Crossing the path of the Tomb Spider will cause this particular breed to leap into the air and spin like a like a buzz saw! If you see a Tomb Spider leap into the air and begin to spin, get out of the way, it's about to launch itself directly at you! Look!


And here's the spin!

The Tomb Spider, referred to more appropriately in some regions as the Jeweled Spider, is proof that money can't make you happy. Especially when that money is in the form of a gold spider!

My official professor analysis: "Eek!!!"

That's all for this week! Join us next Tuesday for another horrifying (or cute) monster on Meet the Monsters!

Professor of Monster Archaeology,

Jon Z.