Sand Kraken AKA Pit Lurker
Trap/Monster: Monster
Cost: 45 coins, 15 tokens
Activation Mode: Adjacant square

Strikes to kill: 1
Attack Mod: Any
Damage: 2

So how would an artistic savant spend her time? Protecting her greatest works of art of course! Some of her works are rumored to be worth scores and scores of dollars! Erika guards her treasure with special monsters of her own creation! Gaze in wonder at the Erica's largest guard monster! The Sand Kraken! As you can see, Erika's Sand Kraken is so large than only a single tentacle can appear on screen. That makes you wonder... how much of it still lies beneath the Tomb's floor... How big is it really?! If you cross anywhere near one of the pits where the Sand Kraken lurks, its tentacle will appear from the depths and try to splat you flat with its giant hammer! If you're really bent on capturing Erika's treasure, you better be ready to go up against a variety of Sand Krakens. Erika, through some strange magic, knows how to attach certain items to her sand Krakens, giving them the added powers of fire, ice or poison! If you had a tomb, you may be able to figure out how to do the same...

–Jon Z, Lifestyles of the Entombed and Famous


The Sand Kraken is a monster that you can use to guard your tomb.

When you walk past it, it gives you a second, then it tries to crush you with it's hammer. If you get pounded, you lose two lives. It takes one strike to kill it.