Renata Duran is Alex Sennefer's best friend, and in The Book of the Dead, she goes with Alex to save the world from the Death Walkers. Her father works in security at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In The Series

Book Of The Dead

In Her Mind, Ren Is angry at Alex For getting his mother's scarab Because she doesn't have a amulet.

Amulet Keepers

She travels to London and meets her cat friend, Pai. In the London underground, Pai gives her an amulet, an ibis, the mark of Thoth.

The Valley of Kings

Alex and Ren go through a portal to Gemany.

The Stone Warriors

They lose Pai, but get a german car out of Egypt.

The Final Kingdom

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  • The people at school call her Plus Ten Ren.
  • Her dad calls her 'My little Einstein'.
  • Her amulet is an ibis. She can predict the future with it, and use it to open closed things, such as locks.