Treasures are a type of thing you can place in your tomb. Unlike monsters and traps, treasures do not attack the player. They come in three rarities, Low, Medium, and High. They come in 18 types. All low rarity treasures award you 2 gold when your tomb defeats an attacker, medium rarity treasures reward you 4 gold, and high rarity reasures reward you 6 gold

Name Rarity
Hathor Low
Isis Low
Thoth Low
Kitty Black Medium
Kitty Gold Medium
Kitty White Medium
Bust of Sobek Medium
Sobek Low
Ra Low
Bust of Thoth Medium
Bust of Set High
Bust of Ra High
Bust of Ptah High
Bust of Osiris High
Bust of Khnum High
Bust of Isis High
Bust of Horus High
Bust of Hathor High


  • Although they are viewable from the shop, they cannot be bought. 
  • The treasure section in the shop was only introduced in the full version of the game. 
  • All of the treasures with high rarity, as well as the bust of Thoth, were added in the full version of the game.
  • The Bust of Sobek is the only treasure with "bust" in its name that existed during Beta. 
  • Treasures are shown on your tomb's stats.