This is the third book in a five-book series ([[TombQuest Series|TombQuest]]) by acclaimed author [[Michael Northrop]].   
== Sypnosis ==   
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The third book, Valley of Kings, takes Alex and Ren to the Valley of Kings, deep in the Egyptian desert, where a powerful Death Walker lies in wait. Follow them as they travel around the world to stop these Death Walkers...before the tomb claims us all!   
If Alex and Ren are going to stop the Death Walkers, they know they have to find the powerful Lost Spells. So they head to the Valley of Kings, deep in the Egyptian desert-where they discover that Egypt is in the grips of madness. Voices in the air whisper dark secrets and flashes of light burn across the night sky.   
But their hunt for the Spells keeps getting sabotaged. Every step they take, The Order is hot on their trail. There's no dodging, no hiding. Is someone leaking their secrets?   
Is there anyone they can trust?   
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